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Organic Puntarelle Chicory

1 head
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Organic Puntarelle Chicory

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Approx. 1-1.5 lb per head
This Italian chicory is commonly grown and eaten in Italy, but is only recently finding its way to American tables. The outer leaves are bitter and tastiest when cooked (similar to a dandelion green), while the inner stalks are milder, with a bright and slightly astringent flavor. The inner section is classically prepared thinly-sliced or shaved into ice water (to prevent browning and encourage the strips to curl elegantly) and then eaten in a salad with citrus/anchovy/garlic vinaigrette in a dish called Puntarelle alla Romana. The inner stalk is also tasty shaved and pickled, or grilled/roasted whole and then sliced into bite-sized chunks.

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