Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate

Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate

Eureka, CA

Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate is a small batch bean-to-bar craft chocolate maker specializing in single-origin, ethically-sourced, two-ingredient chocolate made right here in their Northern California factory. They wanted to reinvent the chocolate experience by starting with the finest raw cacao and adding nothing but organic cane sugar. Their team worked hard to source the very best cacao from highly skilled farmers with ethical labor practices, then committed to direct trade relationships ensuring that the farmers would always be paid fairly even when fair trade price dictates dropped.

Through their highly refined and labor intensive chocolate making process, Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate brings forward the subtlest of flavors in the cacao without adding cocoa butter, lecithin, or any other stabilizers and emulsifiers. Their sourcing practices extend to any add-ins they use, such as figs, almonds, cinnamon, and even sea salt. The team at Dick Taylor believes it's their privilege and duty to capture and highlight the flavors of the cacao developed on each farm. 

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