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Stan Devoto's Organic Apples of the Week

3 lb
$3.33 / lb

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Stan Devoto's Organic Apples of the Week

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Approx. 6-12 apples per 3 lb
Stan Devoto and his crew up in Sebastopol are in full-swing apple season right now! With so many delicious, heirloom varieties, sometimes you want to choose them all! Well now you can!

We'll send you 3 lb of Devoto Garden's best varieties, which'll vary as the season marches on. (Due to the short harvest window for Stan's apples, and the fact that he's selling them as fresh apples instead of storage apples, the selection may change day to day, and may sometimes include fewer than three varieties. But don't worry, at the end of the day, you'll always end up with 3 lb of delicious, Organic Sebastopol-grown Apples!)

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Devoto Gardens
We're a bio-diverse farm in west Sonoma County established in 1976. We grow over 50 varieties of dry-farmed organic apples, including many heirlooms and cider varieties.Read more