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Organic Dry-Farmed Mutsu Apples

1 lb
$3.99 / lb
Organic Dry-Farmed Mutsu Apples

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Approx. 2-3 apples per lb
One of Stan's favorite apples, the fruit is tart during the first weeks of harvest but the texture is already crisp and juicy. It gains in flavor and juice in the later harvest.  

The Mutsu can be a very big apple, not always perfectly round but dense and heavy. It's a yellow-green color with a warm blush.  During the last weeks of its season it is golden with a pink blush.

The Mutsu is hard to grow organically because it's very susceptible to apple scab and fire blight. But the Sebastopol climate is perfect: in warmer, dryer climates it would stay green and have less flavor.

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Devoto Gardens
Devoto Gardens is a bio-diverse farm in west Sonoma County established in 1976. Stan Devoto grows over 50 varieties of dry-farmed organic apples, including many heirlooms and cider varieties.Read more