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De La Calle

Organic Pineapple Spice Tepache


12 oz
Organic Pineapple Spice Tepache

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12 oz

De La Calle has crafted Mexico's centuries old favorite fermented beverage, Tepache. With certified organic pineapple as its base, this Tepache Tradicional is spiced with black pepper and cinnamon for an extra kick and will you transport you to the streets of Mexico with its nostalgic flavor. Tepache can be enjoyed on its own or paired with your favorite tequila.

tepache* (filtered water, turbinado sugar*, pineapple*, tepache cultures), erythritol*, agave inulin*, pineapple extract*, black pepper extract*, cinnamon extract*, bacillus coagulans MTCC 5856 (*organic).

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About The Producer

De La Calle
Los Angeles, CA
De La Calle crafts Mexico’s favorite fermented beverage - Tepache. Using certified organic pineapples, they have combined various spices and flavors to create a modern twist to the classic beverage. Read more