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Korean Cut Beef Short Ribs

2 lb
$28.99 / lb

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Korean Cut Beef Short Ribs

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2-2.24lb, arrives fresh, 6-12 pieces per package

Short ribs aren't just for braising, thinly cut Korean style short ribs are a summer-time grilling favorite. The best part they cook up in only a few minutes per side, dinner is ready!

Cream Co. is proud to bring you British Baldies beef from Wenatchee, WA. These grass-fed, grain-finished cattle spend 18-20 months in open range, then is slowly introduced to non-GMO, no-corn, no-soy grains for an earthy and creamery finish. The beef is dry-cured for 14-21 days, resulting in a richly marbled beef whose fat is pronounced but balanced.

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