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Beef Fajita Meat (Frozen)

0.75 lb
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Beef Fajita Meat (Frozen)

Product Details

Approx. 0.75 lb, arrives frozen
Fajita/Stir Fry Beef- Five Dot Ranch, Susanville, CA
Thin cut strips of top round cook up quickly for an easy meal- fajitas, stir fry, or steak tacos, great with a quick marinade or sprinkling of your favorite rub or herb mixture, this a great candidate for a nice hot cast iron pan or wok.

"We are passionate about the environment and raising our cattle symbiotically with the many different species of wildlife and native plants in California. We believe that a successful operation is one that works with nature rather than against it. Our environmental stewardship efforts are accomplished through grazing our cattle in a sustainable manner helping to mitigate for endangered species and replenish California’s watersheds and land."

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Oakland, CA
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