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Coyotas was born from founder Janet Flores Pavlovich's deep-rooted connection to Hermosillo, the capital of Sonora, Mexico, known as the birthplace of the flour tortilla. After honing her skills as a chef across Mexico and the United States, Janet returned to her hometown, inspired to innovate upon the culinary traditions she grew up with.

In her quest to reinvent the flour tortilla, Janet embarked on an extensive journey of culinary experimentation. The result was a revolutionary tortilla made entirely from organic cassava, distinguished by its minimalistic ingredient list—free from grains, gluten, and gums. This creation not only caters to the growing demand for gluten-free and grain-free options but also maintains the authentic taste and texture that tortilla enthusiasts cherish.

Today, Coyotas continues to uphold the high standards set by its founder. Each batch of Organic Cassava Tortillas is meticulously crafted by skilled artisans in Coyotas' dedicated facility in Southern California. The company's commitment to purity and quality resonates through its simple, wholesome approach to traditional Mexican cuisine.

Coyotas not only preserves the cultural heritage of Sonoran cooking but also pushes the boundaries of what is possible in the realm of healthy eating. For those seeking a nutritious alternative to conventional tortillas that do not compromise on flavor or integrity, Coyotas offers a delicious and innovative choice. Join Janet and her team in experiencing the reinvention of a classic, brought to life through passion, tradition, and the pursuit of culinary excellence.

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