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Organic Fromage Blanc

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Organic Fromage Blanc

Product Details

Organic Fromage Blanc is a creamy, silky, mild, fresh cheese that's a staple of French kitchens for its multi-purpose qualities and relatively low fat content. Made with whole milk instead of cream, it contains about 30% less fat than most cream cheeses. Try it spread on bagels and toast, dolloped over fresh tomatoes and basil, sweetened with a drizzle of honey for desserts, or even baked into quickbreads and muffins.

Ingredients: organic pasteurized whole milk, organic cream, salt, cultures, and enzymes.
Contains: milk.

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Cowgirl Creamery
Pt. Reyes Station
Cowgirl Creamery cheeses are sold to over 500 stores, independent cheese shops, farmers markets and restaurants, and nationally through Whole Foods Markets. And true to their community ethos, Tomales Bay Foods continues to support and promote artisan cheesemaking, offering over 200 cheeses from all over California, America and Europe through their website and retail locations.Read more