Covilli Organics

Covilli Organics

In order to provide our customers with more year-round options for certain staple veggies, Good Eggs has partnered with Earl's Organic Produce to carry Covilli Organics' line of peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes and other warm-weather veggies throughout the winter months.

Covillii is a family-owned 100% organic and 100% Fair Trade produce operation in Mexico. While much of the Fair Trade or organic produce from Mexico is grown by smaller subsidiaries of conventional, non-Fair Trade agribusinesses, we're excited to work with Covilli because we know the money is all staying in one smaller operation with consistent values throughout its business. Covilli has also led the way in quality and consistency for over two decades, with a wide array of products.

As an 100% Fair Trade certified operation, everyone who works on Covilli's farms is guaranteed safe working conditions, schooling for children, access to healthcare for families, and regulations around working hours and rest and sick days. The Fair Trade Premium associated with each case we bring in to Good Eggs goes to a fund that employees and farmworkers at Covilli use to fund a number of democratically-chosen projects, including transportation improvements for schoolchildren, health and dental services, and environmental projects.

In addition to being an 100% certified organic operation (governed by the same USDA regulations and certified by the same USDA-accredited agencies that certify farms in the US), Covilli takes additional steps to maximize their positive environmental impact: they dedicate huge amounts of land to a vermicultural program (basically a worm farm!) that produces an amazingly nutrient-rich compost tea to fertilize their soil, they recycle all plastic and they do a huge amount of composting on-site, including composting all of their clean cardboard.
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