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Organic Dark Chocolate Cherry Probiotic Oat Bar

2 oz
$1.89 / oz
Organic Dark Chocolate Cherry Probiotic Oat Bar

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CORE Foods' Organic Dark Chocolate Cherry Probiotic Oat Bar is packed with all the good things you need to keep your core happy: probiotics, prebiotic fiber, 5g of plant-based protein, and zero added sugar. With balanced nutrition and plenty of sweet-tart chocolatey cherry flavor, this bar is a great way to start the day or fight off the afternoon energy slump.

Ingredients: gluten-free whole grain oats*, cashews*, dates*, prebiotic fiber blend (IMO, inulin)*, unsweetened chocolate*, tart cherries*, cocoa powder*, coconut oil*, water, natural flavors, chia seeds*, sea salt, cocoa extract, bacillus coagulans (GBI-30 6086) (*organic).
Contains: tree nuts.

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