CORE Foods

CORE Foods

Oakland, CA

After a lifetime of experimenting with diet, CORE Foods founder Corey Rennell travelled the world subsisting with 12 tribes and studying chimpanzees to get to the bottom of nutrition. It became clear the secret to nutrition was this simple: Eat mainly whole fresh fruits and vegetables.  Corey also witnessed that every tribe practiced one universal rule: Treat others the way you want to be treated.  Based on these two principles, CORE Foods was born to serve nourishing organic foods and to reinvest every dollar back into its the mission. 

As a not-for-profit and Certified B Corporation, CORE Foods is leading a movement of businesses that value how much they can give over how much they can take. We make only fundamentally nourishing foods with no syrup, salt, flour, oil, additives, or preservatives.  We purchase only 100% organic ingredients from farmers on the cutting edge of sustainability, and we focus on increased access.  100% of our food is made where we live, in Oakland, CA.  We donate tens of thousands of CORE Meals to families in need, hire preferentially from workforce development, and source from low-income farmers through our partnership with Mandela Foods.  We use American-made non-toxic, recycled, and/or low-waste packaging.  We compost, recycle, and re-use whenever possible, offsetting our remaining carbon footprint.

Your health is our only bottom line.

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