Holiday Icing Set

10.14 oz
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Holiday Icing Set

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One 10.14 oz bag

ColorKitchen Holiday Icing Mix brings the festive spirit to your cookie decorating with its vibrant blue, red, green, and white icing options. This naturally colorful and plant-based icing mix is free from artificial dyes, non-GMO, gluten-free, and vegan friendly, making it a delightful choice for holiday treats. Each box contains organic powdered sugar and separate color packets for easy mixing. Just add milk (or a substitute) and vanilla to create the base icing, then customize the colors to your liking by adding the color packets. With enough icing to cover dozens of cookies, you can get creative and enjoy the holiday season with delicious, eye-catching cookies.

Ingredients: organic cane sugar, organic tapicoa starch, COLOR: maltodextrin, turmeric, spirulina extract, beet powder

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About The Producer

Ojai, CA
Color Kitchen is a brand that specializes in naturally sourced, plant-based food coloring, sprinkles, and gluten-free cake mixes. Founded by Ashley Phelps, who had food sensitivities from an early age, the company aims to provide healthy, clean-label, artificial dye-free, and non-GMO alternatives for decorating desserts. With a background in the arts, Ashley initially created safe and natural paints from plant-based colors, which later evolved into Color Kitchen's product line. The brand's mission is to replace artificial food coloring additives with naturally colorful solutions, offering vibrant and beautiful options that are safe for families and children to enjoy.Read more