Ojai, CA

Color Kitchen is on a mission to revolutionize the way we color and decorate food by providing natural, plant-based alternatives to artificial food coloring additives. The brand was founded by Ashley Phelps, who discovered her food sensitivities at an early age and grew up with a strong awareness of what she put into her body. With a passion for colorful and wholesome desserts, Ashley's background in the arts led her to create safe and natural paints from plant-based colors, which eventually evolved into Color Kitchen's product line.

Color Kitchen offers a range of naturally sourced, plant-based food coloring, sprinkles, and gluten-free cake mixes. Their products are carefully sourced to provide the best color quality, free from GMOs and artificial additives. The brand's focus on healthy, clean-label options stems from their concern for the purity of ingredients and the desire to offer a natural alternative to synthetic colors. Color Kitchen's products are sold in over 1000 retail locations across the US, and they have expanded their line to include bulk sizes for food producers.

One of Color Kitchen's core values is to see the end of artificial coloring in the foods we eat, as these additives have been linked to health issues like ADHD in children, cancer, and allergic sensitivities. They are committed to offering vibrant and beautiful plant-based color solutions that are safe for both health and the environment. The brand's founder, Ashley Phelps, also enjoys consulting with small food manufacturers on their color solutions, further promoting the use of natural colors in the food industry. Color Kitchen's ultimate goal is to allow families and children to enjoy decorative desserts without experiencing harmful health and behavioral side effects from artificial food coloring.

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