Cognac Park

Cognac Park

Cognac, France

Enter the world of Cognac Park, the crowning jewel of Distillerie Tessendier, an illustrious Cognac house with a heritage that traces back to its establishment in 1880. Today, under the watchful eye of its fourth-generation family ownership, this distillery and its sprawling vineyards, spanning more than 60 acres, are nestled in the heart of one of Cognac's most exclusive terroirs: The Borderies.

At the helm of Cognac Park's exceptional offerings are the talented fourth-generation brothers and Master Blenders, Lilian and Jérôme Tessendier. Their unparalleled expertise shines through in every meticulously crafted blend. The foundation of these exceptional Cognacs lies in the selection of wines from four distinguished crus within the Cognac region: Grand Champagne, Petite Champagne, Borderies, and Fins Bois.

Anchored in a rich tradition that transcends time, the Tessendier family annually distills its Cognacs using not only the 3,000 hectoliters of wine produced on its own estate but also an additional 40,000 hectoliters sourced from esteemed winemakers. These enduring relationships, spanning multiple generations, underscore the Tessendier family's unwavering commitment to preserving the legacy of excellence that defines Cognac Park. With each sip, Cognac Park invites you to savor the essence of time-honored craftsmanship and a profound appreciation for the art of Cognac-making.

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