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Campfire Meats

Ground Turkey Breakfast Sausage (Frozen)

1 lb
Ground Turkey Breakfast Sausage (Frozen)

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Rise and shine with Campfire Meats Ground Turkey Breakfast Sausage. This hearty and delicious breakfast sausage is made from premium turkey and is a wholesome addition to your morning meal. Whether you're making patties, adding them to omelets, or creating breakfast sandwiches, it's the perfect start to your day.

Ingredients: Turkey, Salt, Dextrose Spices, Spice Extractives).

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Campfire Meats
Modesto, CA
Campfire Meats, founded by Cowboy Tom, brings you a taste of the American West with a modern twist. Cowboy Tom's journey, from England to California, is the story behind this brand. From cattle to chickens, they cut and pack high-quality chicken sourced from local family farmers in Northern and Central California. It's a family affair, with Cowboy Tom's life partner and children actively participating in their small cattle operation, producing exceptional grass-fed beef. Combining tradition with modern processes, Campfire Meats offers you a genuine Western flavor experience.Read more