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Original Dairy-Free Better Half

16 fl oz
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Original Dairy-Free Better Half

Product Details

16 oz
Califia's Original Better Half is a dairy-free coconut and almond cream that's just right for your morning cup of coffee, tea, or even hot cocoa. Rich, lightly sweetened, and delicious!

Ingredients: almond milk (water, almonds), coconut cream, pure cane sugar, natural flavors, calcium carbonate, sunflower lecithin, sea salt, potassium citrate, locust bean gum, gellan gum.
Contains: tree nuts.

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Califia Farms
Bakersfield, CA
Califia uses their passion, insight, and intuition to whip natural ingredients up into foods and drinks that “love you back”—natural, GMO-free, sustainably sourced, and delicious.Read more