Branon Family Maple Orchards

Branon Family Maple Orchards

Fairfield, VT
The Branon family has been transforming sap into syrup for six generations. Tom and Cecile Branon currently head up the operation and hand-tap 60,000 maple trees every spring with the help of family and friends. In 1997 they became members of the Vermont Land Trust, after vowing not to develop 653 acres of land. Branon Family Maple Orchards was certified organic in 2003. They are stewards of the land and deeply involved with the Vermont Maple Sugar Makers Association. 

Family, Community, Story: 6 Generations of Syrup

For the Branon family,  producing pure Vermont maple syrup is a way of life. Located amongst the green mountains in Fairfield, Vermont they produce the highest quality maple syrup each spring. Tom and Cecile Branon are industry leaders and were awarded the “Maple Persons of the Year” in 2007, a nod to their commitment to promote better understanding and closer cooperation between producers, packers, retailers, consumers, and equipment manufacturers.

Sourcing, Practices, Standards: From Sap to Syrup

The Branons are dedicated to producing the highest quality maple syrup. They keep a sample from every single batch to maintain strict quality control (and trace some of their favorite batches!). They just finished modernizing their sugarhouse to be even more environmentally friendly and efficient. They utilize natural resources, such as solar energy, gravity to bring the sap to the sugarhouse and the icy cold babbling brook to chill equipment.

Flavor: Grade A

Beginning in 2014, Vermont maple syrup producers started using a new grading system that provides a better description than the previous system. We are sourcing Grade A: Amber due to its universal appeal. It has a rich, smooth maple flavor and beautiful amber color. It is very versatile and can be used for everything from pancakes to roasted root vegetables, glazed meats to granola. 
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Grade A Amber Rich Organic Maple Syrup
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