Chula Vista, CA

Boochcraft is more than just a kombucha brand; it's a craft brewer on a mission to create a high-alcohol kombucha that stands out for its commitment to quality, taste, and the planet. Their plant-based kombucha is brewed exclusively with real, organic ingredients, avoiding artificial flavors, purees, concentrates, and preservatives. Each flavor is uniquely enhanced with real fruit, fresh-pressed in-house, to ensure a distinctly fresh taste.

The story of Boochcraft began with three friends from Ocean Beach, San Diego, who set out to create a hard kombucha that not only tasted great but also fostered connection and embodied the values of quality and whole foods. Today, they are a Certified B-Corp, driven by a commitment to finding balance between planet, people, and profit. Boochcraft sources much of its produce and herbs for their Hard Kombucha from local and small family farms, supporting communities and systems that matter the most.

Guided by their core values, Boochcraft aims to make a real impact in the world. They are unafraid to be bold and innovative, pushing the boundaries of their craft. Compassion and care drive them to be mindful of their impact on the world and the people around them, and they refuse to compromise on quality. Boochcraft believes in continuous improvement, striving to do better and bring greatness to life. When challenges arise, they own their mistakes and view them as part of the learning process. Most importantly, Boochcraft recognizes the power of collective effort and believes in the strength of working together to achieve their goals.

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Cider & Hard Kombucha

Organic Grapefruit Hibiscus Hard Kombucha
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