Boichik Bagels

Sesame Bagels

6 count
Sesame Bagels

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Six pre-sliced bagels

These handcrafted bagels are perfectly baked to achieve a golden crust and a soft, chewy interior. Each bite is enhanced by the rich, nutty taste of sesame seeds generously sprinkled on top. Whether enjoyed as a classic breakfast option or transformed into a mouthwatering sandwich, these Sesame Bagels will elevate your culinary experience.

Ingredients: Organic wheat flour, water, organic brown sugar, organic malt extract, sea salt, organic sesame seeds, organic malted barley flour, yeast, organic cornmeal

Contains: wheat.

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Boichik Bagels
Berkeley, CA
Boichik Bagels is a brand born out of Emily Winston's passion for creating the perfect bagel. With a commitment to preserving the unique and delicious flavors of New York-style bagels, Boichik Bagels has become a go-to destination for bagel enthusiasts seeking to fulfill their bagel dreams.Read more