Boichik Bagels

Boichik Bagels Variety Pack

24 count
Boichik Bagels Variety Pack

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Four 6-count bags, pre-sliced

Enjoy the delightful assortment of Boichik Bagels Variety Pack: This convenient bundle includes six counts of each bagel, providing a range of flavors and options to suit every palate. Whether you're craving the sweet and savory combination of cinnamon and raisins, the nutty crunch of sesame seeds, the simplicity of plain, or the boldness of an everything bagel, this pack has you covered. Savor the versatility and quality of Boichik Bagel's handcrafted creations, and elevate your breakfast or snack time with this diverse and delicious selection.

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Boichik Bagels
Berkeley, CA
Boichik Bagels is a brand born out of Emily Winston's passion for creating the perfect bagel. With a commitment to preserving the unique and delicious flavors of New York-style bagels, Boichik Bagels has become a go-to destination for bagel enthusiasts seeking to fulfill their bagel dreams.Read more