Bee Grateful Farm

Salted Honey Caramels

4 oz
Salted Honey Caramels

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Experience the perfect harmony of sweet and savory with Foundation Foods' Salted Honey Caramels. Crafted with care and expertise, these indulgent treats offer a luxurious blend of rich caramel sweetness and a hint of savory saltiness, creating a flavor sensation that delights the palate. Made with high-quality ingredients, including premium honey and sea salt, each caramel is meticulously handcrafted to ensure exceptional taste and quality. Whether enjoyed as a standalone treat or paired with your favorite beverage, Foundation Foods' Salted Honey Caramels are the perfect choice for those seeking a decadent indulgence that satisfies the most discerning cravings. Treat yourself or share with loved ones and elevate your snacking experience with these irresistible caramels from Foundation Foods.

Ingredients: Wildflower & Alfalfa Honey, *Organic Cream, *Organic Butter, *Organic Sunflower Lecithin, Utah Pink Salt

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Bee Grateful Farm
Steamboat Springs, CO
Bee Grateful Farm, nestled in the heart of Colorado, embodies a heartfelt journey from a quaint health food store to a beacon of sustainability and guardians of the environment. Founders Jason and Hethir's passion for wholesome food and their dedication to the planet blossomed into crafting 100% honey-sweetened caramels. Their commitment to natural ingredients, coupled with eco-friendly practices like solar-powered candy kitchens and biodegradable packaging, reflects their deep-rooted belief in the sweetness of nature. By partnering with local beekeepers, Bee Grateful Farm not only offers deliciously sustainable treats but also supports healthy bee populations and the local ecosystem.Read more