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Blended Heirloom Pink Oxheart Tomatoes

16 oz
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Blended Heirloom Pink Oxheart Tomatoes

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Balakian Farms grows single varietal organic heirloom tomatoes, then hand-packs and seals each jar right on their family farm so the distinct qualities and flavors of each tomato can shine through. Blended Heirloom Pink Oxheart Tomatoes have a tangy, sweet, rich tomatoey flavor that makes them a fantastic base for pasta sauces and stews; they're also great for sautés, soups, braises, and drinks (think Bloody Mary). High in vitamins A and C, calcium, and iron, these tomatoes will keep the flavors of summer around your kitchen all year long.

Ingredients: organic heirloom tomatoes, organic vinegar, organic garlic, sea salt.

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Balakian Farms
Reedley, CA
Balakian Farm is an 85-acre certified organic farm in Reedley, CA.Read more