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Honey Rye Porridge

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Honey Rye Porridge

Product Details

As Kneaded's Honey Rye Porridge loaf is a naturally leavened loaf made incredibly moist and almost creamy by the inclusion of a rye porridge. Use it to build hearty, flavorful sandwiches, sop up soups, stews, and braises, or just spread with a bit of salted butter and devour.

Ingredients: wheat flour (wheat flour, malted barley flour), rye flakes, honey, rye flour, water, sea salt, natural leaven (wheat flour, water), rice flour (for coating). 

Contains: wheat.

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As Kneaded Bakery
San Leandro, CA
As Kneaded Bakery is owned and operated by Iliana Imberman Berkowitz, who draws inspiration from California's sourdough bread culture and the rich tradition of breadmaking in her Jewish heritage.Read more