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Akka's Eggplant Relish - Indian Pickle

6.5 oz
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Akka's Eggplant Relish - Indian Pickle

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6.5 oz jar, refrigerate after opening

Akka's Eggplant Relish is a Good Food Awards 2015 Winner in the pickle category. It was one of the five products among all winners that was featured at the Gala Reception after the awards ceremony. A Brooklyn Kitchen chef made gyros with barbequed lamb that was coated with Akka's Eggplant Relish sauce. It was delicious! Another chef assigned to create a dish for the reception also wanted to use this relish. But he was disappointed as it was taken already then.

This popular sweet and spicy relish with a hint of savory is available for you to taste and use it!

Pairs well any meat dish, as a relish on hot dog, garnish on salad, vegetable or tofu stir fry, and on soup. Topping on pizza.

Ingredients: eggplant, tamarind, safflower oil, ginger, garlic, brown sugar, green chili, spices, salt.

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Akka's Handcrafted Foods
Fremont, CA
Akka means elder sister in Tamil, my native Indian language. My older sister, when visiting from India, used Meyer Lemons from our backyard to make a traditional South Indian style pickle. The authentic flavor and the distinct preservative-free taste of the homemade condiment drew many followers. Meyer Lemon pickle was the seed that my Akka planted that bloomed into Akka’s Handcrafted Foods. We continued to grow by adding chutneys, simmer sauces, and marinades.Read more