Akka's Handcrafted Foods

Akka's Handcrafted Foods

Fremont, CA

Our Story

Akka means elder sister in Tamil, my native Indian language. My older sister, when visiting from India, used Meyer Lemons from our backyard to make a traditional South Indian style pickle. The authentic flavor and the distinct preservative-free taste of the homemade condiment drew many followers. Meyer Lemon pickle was the seed that my Akka planted that bloomed into Akka’s Handcrafted Foods.  We continued to grow by adding chutneys, simmer sauces, and marinades.

I grew up in a large family with many siblings. All of my akkas took care of the siblings and the family with love and care while I was growing up. We believe that the food made with love and care, in the same way my akkas cared for the family, assimilates into the body well and has the most benefits and loving effect.

An annual pilgrimage to our ancestral church in a distant village was a family tradition at my young age. My mother used to prepare her chicken curry sauce - a recipe she learned from my grandmother - to serve us delicious meals at the village. This time tested tradition of making prepackaged food is brought alive at Akka’s Handcrafted Foods.

Our friends and family encouraged us to participate in local food festivals. We showcased our products at 2012, '13, and '14 Mission San Jose Olive Festival, Fremont, 2013 Alameda County Fair, Pleasanton, and 2013 Fremont Festival of the Arts, Fremont. Today you can find Akka's products at the Irvington, Fremont, and San Mateo Farmers' Markets and select specialty stores around the San Francisco Bay Area.

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