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Chickpea Miso

8 oz
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Chickpea Miso

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Approx. 8 oz.
A soy-free version of the traditional favorite, this mellow, savory Chickpea Miso uses organic garbanzo beans (chickpeas) as its base. Low in salt, it ferments quickly and delivers a sweet, mild flavor profile that enhances not just Japanese dishes, but many other cuisines as well. Try it as a component of dips, dressings, marinades and soups!

Ingredients: rice koji*, chickpeas*, salt, water (*organic).

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Aedan Fermented Foods
San Francisco
We specialize in Japanese fermented foods full of flavor and health that are essential to traditional Japanese meals. Our cornerstone product is handcrafted, organic koji, a natural ingredient used to make miso, sake, mirin and more!Read more