88 Acres

88 Acres

Boston, MA

Nicole, the founder of 88 Acres, grew up on an 88-acre organic farm in North Brookfield, Massachusetts. Her experiences on the farm gave her a strong connection to food, from tinkering in the kitchen with her mom as a child to working at the family farm stand as a teenager. When Nicole met Rob, the love of her life, she learned about life-threatening nut allergies and in an effort to help make him safe, cleared all the peanuts and tree nuts from her kitchen.

Nicole and Rob struggled to find healthy, convenient snacks that Rob could eat and that Nicole would love as well. So she began experimenting at home with craft seed bars. They packed the bars along on bike rides and hikes, and enjoy them at work. Soon enough friends, both with food allergies and without, started to steal bites and place orders. After all those rave reviews, they realized they were on to something and the journey of 88 Acres began. They're dedicated to providing great-tasting, healthy options for those with food allergies.

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Nut Butters & Fruit Spreads

Organic Pumpkin Seed Butter
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