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Hi, this is Avanthi! Our mission at Avant Naturals is to offer you wholesome real food. We are dedicated to make fun, innovative products that are good for the people and the planet.

We are excited to introduce YOMAYO, a one-of-a-kind spread and dip. Yomayo is a tasty and healthy substitute for mayonnaise, made with organic local yogurt. No eggs and no highly processed vegetable oils. It is a versatile product : Spread on burgers & sandwiches, Dip chips & veggies, Marinate meat & fish. I hope you Enjoy!
More about us: Friends who know me are aware of my passion for good, real food! Well, all that passionate eating, talking, watching, reading wasn't enough to satisfy my hunger! So, I decided to quit my job as a chemist and start Avant Naturals along with my husband and share some good, real food and connect with people who care about their food. This is our way of being a part of the good food movement apart from making the right food purchasing decisions for our family. I am the chef (and CEO) at Avant Naturals and I draw my inspiration from global cuisines and flavors to make our products not only healthy but also lip smackingly delicious.

We are not certified organic yet but we use organic and local ingredients as much as we possibly can to support sustainable and humane agriculture.
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Plain "Yomayo" Yogurt-based Mayonnaise
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Plain "Yomayo" Yogurt-based Mayonnaise
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