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Negro Mole Sauce

12 oz
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Negro Mole Sauce

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12 oz jar

Known as the king of moles, Mole Negro is a well-balanced, delicious layered sauce made with a blend of smoked and dried chiles plus nuts, spices, tomatoes, tomatillos, house-made chocolate, and criollo corn tortillas.

Whether drizzled over tender roasted chicken, used as a dip for crispy tortilla chips, or incorporated into your favorite Mexican dishes, this Negro Mole Sauce is a culinary delight that will captivate your taste buds.

Ingredients: Tomatoes, tomatillos, safflower oil, ripe plantains, sugar, dried chile ancho negro, sesame seeds, corn tortillas, Oaxacan chocolate, sea salt, dried chile guajillo, peanuts, raisins, dried chile Chilhuacle negro, dried chile pasilla mexicano, smokMoritale Morita, garlic, cinnamon, whole almonds, citric acid, and dried Oaxacan oregano

Contains: sesame.

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¡Ya Oaxaca!
Austin, TX & Oaxaca, Mexico
These delicious and savory Mole Sauces from Oaxaca reflect chef, cookbook author & television host Susana Trilling’s 35+ years in Oaxaca, home of her world-renowned Season’s of My Heart Cooking School, where she shares her love of the regional cuisine and culture. Each mole is based on recipes that have been handed down for generations and offers a true taste of Oaxaca. They are vegan, gluten-free & Non-GMO verified. Read more