Worthy Granola

Worthy Granola

San Francisco

Worthy Granola is made with 100% organic ingredients. It’s a source of wholesome, organic deliciousness featuring California-grown ingredients from local sources such as Inzana Ranch Farms, Benzler Farms, and the Bay Area’s own TCHO Chocolate. We value quality, community and above all else, great taste. 

Handmade with love in San Francisco by nutritionist and proprietor Jeanne Norsworthy, Worthy Granola emerged naturally after years of experimentation to create a granola recipe with an "it factor".  When that happened, Original Love was born, enjoyed, and sought after by friends and family. Jeanne’s passion lies in her desire to share delicious, healthy granola with the people of San Francisco (and beyond.)

We're not "certified" organic as an organic product by any certain board, but rest-assured that no other detail is as important to us as the standard of quality organic ingredients we source. One of the reasons this brand came to life was that we felt there was an empty seat at the table for a fully organic granola out there that both tasted delicious, was nutrient-rich and used traditional, "real food" ingredients.

Our distribution model of who we serve has always been an image of San Francisco being the heart of our focus, followed by our interest in spreading the love to the entire Bay Area.

The beautiful glass jar presentation is nice to look at (and a tasteful gift!), but also is made of recycled glass, keeps the granola fresh for weeks on end, and is great to re-use in your kitchen.
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