Wind Dancer Ranch

Wind Dancer Ranch

Capay Valley, CA

Wild Dancer Ranch is home to a cherished collection of Heritage Breed livestock - unique breeds of sheep, hogs, turkeys, chickens and goats that represent a rare bit of genetic diversity. These animals are raised with respect and care for their mental and physical health; they are free range in large pastures and do what comes naturally. The land and natural environment are similarly treated with respect. Wild Dancer Ranch never use chemicals, herbicides or pesticides on the farm. Their sheep and goats take care of the weeds and provide natural fertilizer, while living a peaceful co-existence with the wild predators thanks to our two types of Livestock Guardian Dogs and protective Heritage turkeys.

Heritage breeds are traditional livestock breeds that were raised by farmers in the past, before the rise of industrial agriculture. Heritage breeds were bred over time to emphasize traits that made them particularly well-adapted to local environmental conditions and often to produce multiple products such as wool, meat, and milk from the same animal. Heritage livestock breeds are also a valuable source of natural genetic diversity. Because of these traits and their ability to thrive on natural, local foods the meat from these animals have unique tastes. Wild Dancer Ranch believe flavorful meat comes from three things – the breed, the feed, and humane care that allows the animal to enjoy its natural behaviors and live a happy life.

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