Wild Tonic

Organic Raspberry Jun Kombucha

12 oz
Organic Raspberry Jun Kombucha

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Organic Raspberry Jun Kombucha is a luscious and invigorating beverage crafted through the fermentation of organic green tea and honey by a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast. Bursting with the vibrant essence of organic raspberries, this kombucha delivers a delightful fusion of sweet and tart flavors. Made with a commitment to using only organic ingredients, it not only offers a deliciously refreshing experience but also serves as a probiotic-rich elixir for promoting gut health.

Ingredients: Filtered Water, Honey*, Tea*, Raw Jun Culture (Yeast And Bacteria), Raspberry Juice*, Goji Juice*, Rose Essence*

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Wild Tonic
Cottonwood, AZ
Wild Tonic combines the artistic spirit with the ancient craft of fermentation. Founded by artist Holly Skaggs, Wild Tonic is known for its Sparkling Jun, a rare ferment made with honey. Their dedication extends beyond crafting unique beverages to engaging in community initiatives and promoting bee conservation.Read more