Wild River

Wild River

Marysville, CA

The Wild River name was inspired by our farm’s location alongside the Yuba River, which surges out of the rugged Sierra Nevada Mountains into the fertile Sacramento Valley in Northern California.  For more than a century, gold miners, politicians, and farmers have tried to tame the 10-year flood cycle of the river’s south fork.  Our family took a different approach.  Led by our patriarch, Gordon Noland, we progressively changed our agricultural practices to adapt to the nuances and rhythm of the river. As a result, Wild River’s orchards and vineyards thrive, naturally nourished by the highly fertile, nutrient-rich topsoil deposited by the river’s overflow.

Our family has farmed this land for five decades as this year we are celebrating our 50th Anniversary.  Our hands have designed the state of the art irrigation system, planted, pruned and harvested the fruit.  Unlike large corporate farms, we know the provenance of each piece that carries the Wild River label.  And we proudly guarantee our product’s incomparable quality for you and your family to enjoy.

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