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Organic Shaped Pie Crusts

2 count
Organic Shaped Pie Crusts

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2 formed 9" pie crusts with tins, arrives frozen
Wholly Wholesome's Organic Shaped Pie Crusts arrive already shaped, so all you've got to do is fill it with your favorite holiday pie fillings and bake it according to package directions. The palm fruit oil used is RSPO certified and non-GMO—delicious and sustainable, for the flakiest and most melt-in-your-mouth pie you can dream of. 

Ingredients: wheat flour*, palm oil*, water, cane sugar*, sea salt.
Contains: wheat.

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Wholly Wholesome
Chester, NJ
Doon Wintz, the president of Wholly Wholesome, founded the company in 1996 as a declaration that natural food could be equally ingredient-conscious and great-tasting.Read more