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Pumpkin Chocolate Loaf

15.5 oz
$1.16 / oz
Pumpkin Chocolate Loaf

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15.5 oz, Arrives Frozen

Wholesome Bakery's Pumpkin Chocolate Loaf is freshly baked out of their local kitchen. Using pure pumpkin, 74% dark chocolate, and organic coconut palm sugar, this loaf is naturally wheat-free and full of rich chocolatey and fall flavors. This loaf is great paired with a cup of coffee or tea in the morning, as a mid-afternoon snack, or even a late night dessert.

Ingredients: gf oat flour, organic 74% dark chocolate, pure pumpkin, organic coconut palm sugar, organic raw agave, organic sustainably farmed fair trade palm oil, ginger, spices, baking soda, baking powder, sea salt.

Contains: tree nuts.

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Wholesome Bakery
San Francisco, CA
Wholesome Bakery's goods are gluten-free, dairy- and egg-free, low glycemic, soy-free, and trans-fat-free. They're dedicated to providing high-quality, sustainable, allergy-friendly goodies that do good for their customers, the farmers who supply their ingredients, and the environment.Read more