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Wander Broth

Freeze-Dried Grass-Fed Beef Bone Broth

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Freeze-Dried Grass-Fed Beef Bone Broth

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Wander Broth's Freeze-Dried Grass-Fed Beef Bone Broth is ready to mix with hot water anywhere you might be wandering: from camping on a cold night to road-trip snacks or hungry commuter mornings. Each packet makes about 8-10 ounces of rich, savory broth from 100% grass-fed, pasture-raised beef bones.

Ingredients: grass-fed beef bones, organic apple cider vinegar, salt.

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Wander Broth
Los Angeles, CA
Wander Broth is single serving freeze-dried bone broth, made from 100% grass-fed pasture raised beef and organic chicken.Read more