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Wallaby Yogurt Company was born out of an adventure that began Down Under. During the Christmas season of 1992, founders Jerry and Faith traveled to Australia for vacation. They were awed by the country’s many natural wonders, but interestingly enough, one of their most impressive discoveries turned out to be the yogurt. It was fresh, subtly sweet, and creamy in a way that they weren’t used to finding in the U.S. They wondered why this style of yogurt was not available back home – they were sure that Americans would enjoy its unique qualities. Being somewhat naïve, but genuinely inspired, Jerry and Faith decided to quit their technology industry jobs and dedicate themselves to building a yogurt company that would make this happen. They already knew what they would name it – Wallaby Yogurt – in honor of where the idea got its start.

All Wallaby Organic products are made with premium organic cow's milk. Our organic milk comes from small family farms located in nearby Sonoma and Marin counties. These farms share our company's commitment to producing organic products of the highest quality. We are proud to support dairy farms that are both organic and local. Please see our website for our farmers' stories and photos.

Rather than adding gelatins for thickness, we use a slow cooking process to create the naturally smooth and creamy Australian-style texture of our yogurt. It takes about twice as long to make our yogurts as it does conventional yogurts. The smooth texture and mild taste – the result of our slow, gentle culturing process – is what makes Wallaby Organic so deliciously different and unique.

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Organic Nonfat Plain Greek Yogurt
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