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Dark Roasted Golden Sesame Oil


270 ml
Dark Roasted Golden Sesame Oil

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We have been on a quest to find a dark roasted sesame oil that still tasted like sesame (unlike so many dark roasted sesame oils that just hit you over the head with roasted flavor). Wadaman came to the rescue with this oil which nicely balances the golden sesame flavor with the right amount of dark roast. Store in cool, dark place, do not refrigerate.

Ingredients: golden sesame seeds

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About The Producer

Osaka, Japan
Wadaman, a fifth-generation company led by Etsuji Wada, is renowned for roasting sesame seeds. With over 45 years of experience, Wada-san, recognized as Japan's best roaster, brings out the delicate and nuanced flavors of meticulously sorted and cleaned sesame seeds sourced from the world's finest growers.Read more