Urbavore Coffee Roastery

Urbavore Coffee Roastery

San Francisco
Coffee culture is something that I grew up with. Nostalgia for home turned into a fascination with the craft of roasting coffee, and now I am excited to get to share the products, that have come from this fascination, with my community here in San Francisco.

Growing up in Seattle, coffee and coffee culture became such an integral part of my life. Yup, it’s not just a stereotype. Seattleites really love coffee. The shops that vend these wares have become the city's collective living room, and it's in these various "living rooms" that I developed my love for coffee.

After moving to San Francisco, I found myself full of nostalgia for my favorite roasteries back home, and was not finding my new "living room" here in SF. This nostalgia became the roots of my coffee roasting obsession. I got really into researching the craft and became fascinated with the "behind-the-counter" realm of coffee production and so I decided to experiment with roasting high-quality responsibly-sourced coffee beans at home (roasts typically have been small batches of 2-4 lbs). Needless to say, it didn't take long for me to fall in love with this amazing meditative craft.

My green beans come from Sweet Maria's (coffee importers) in Oakland, which does an AMAZING job of sourcing beans, and connecting with the famers/co-ops that are growing wonderful coffee beans. Sweet Maria's shares the story and relationship behind each crop, which really brings a human perspective to each roast.  These are producers that are not only cultivating beautiful products, but they are also often times farmers and communities that have a rich coffee heritage. 

For me, coffee is all about the experience. The culture around coffee is almost as fascinating as the production itself. Good coffee can lend itself to a moment. Be it sipping a latté at your favorite neighborhood coffee shop, or sharing a French press during a reading session with a friend - this is what I love about coffee. The social aspect of its consumption is my favorite. So, I'm very excited to share these roasts that I’ve been making with you! It brings me much joy to share with you a piece of my personal history, and I'm happy that I get to spread that to my neighbors in San Francisco.

I hope that you can have some great experiences with these coffees.


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