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Dried Rishiri Konbu Kelp


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Dried Rishiri Konbu Kelp

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Rishiri Konbu or Dried Kelp invokes the word delicate which is all that is Kyoto cuisine. Sustainably harvested off the coast of Rishiri Island in far northern Japan, this konbu is flavorful, yet mild.  It works perfectly to showcase each ingredient in a dish.  This konbu gives an umami pop in a subtle, elegant way.  We love this konbu when making beautiful dishes like chawan mushi, clear dashi soups, nimono, etc.

Ingredients: kelp

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Kyoto, Japan
Uneno, led by fourth-generation owners Motofusa and Yoshiko Uneno, is dedicated to sustainable practices in producing Rishiri Konbu and Katsuobushi. Their focus on high-quality, additive-free instant dashi packs sets them apart in a market often reliant on MSG. Sourcing both wild and farmed konbu from Rishiri Island, Uneno emphasizes the crucial role of the farmer and region in flavor development.Read more