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Smoked McFarland Springs Trout Fillet

24 oz
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Smoked McFarland Springs Trout Fillet

Product Details

Three fillets, 1.5-1.75 lbs total weight
McFarland Springs Trout is delicious and nutritious. And it's more than unique – it is the world’s first deliberate collaboration to responsibly farm sustainable fish. This product is smoked fillets prepackaged with the skin on. Great for use as lox for bagels and cream cheese, on a salad, or just by itself.
About our trout:
McFarland Springs is an environmental dream. The water supply comes from the headwaters of a natural spring, extremely cold and free of the pesticides and contaminates found in other water sources. The spring not only provides for the trout, but also generates all of the electricity for the farm though hydroelectric. It is raised locally, lowering carbon footprint and further promoting regional cuisine. The fish is hand harvested and processed, instead of machine processed as is customary.

Typically, farmed fish are fed fishmeal which is made up of small fish that are being taken from the ocean at alarming rates. These fish are then ground, dried, and fed to many types of farmed fish in order to increase their growth rates. This practice is an environmental catastrophe and not sustainable. 

With higher levels of healthy Omega-3s than wild salmon, and zero trace of mercury or contaminants, McFarland Springs trout provides exceptional nutrition benefits. 

Lastly, the flavor and texture is that of wild trout with a sweet flavor and lighter, firm flesh. The extreme cold created by the natural spring creates slow growth rates, but far better texture.

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