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Gold Pearl Trout Roe

2 oz
$10.24 / oz
Gold Pearl Trout Roe

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One 2 oz container
This fiery orange roe has a bright and silky pop. The subtle, sweet flavor makes a vibrant and delightful garnish when added to a wide variety of dishes. Because the Trout roe is smaller than the Salmon roe, the pop is brighter and less viscous.

Note: we recommend serving and enjoying caviar and roe on a non-reactive spoon such as wood, ceramic, mother-of-pearl, or plastic. Reactive metals can alter the delicate flavors of excellent caviar. 

Ingredients: Trout Roe, fine sea salt

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Tsar Nicoulai
Concord, CA
For over 30 years, Tsar Nicoulai Caviar has sustainably cultivated world-renowned caviar from 100% American White Sturgeon.Read more