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True Story Foods

Organic Uncured Applewood Smoked Ham

6 oz
$20.54 / lb
Organic Uncured Applewood Smoked Ham

Product Details

True Story Foods's heirloom-breed hogs are humanely raised by family farmers in the Midwest with no antibiotics, added hormones, or growth enhancers, with plenty of open space to roam and explore. For their Organic Uncured Applewood Smoked Ham, each ham is rubbed with brown sugar for some natural sweetness and then slow-smoked over applewood. It makes fantastic sandwiches for school or work lunches—or add it to charcuterie platters, omelettes, and even biscuits.

Ingredients: pork*, water, sea salt, 2% or less of: brown sugar*, celery powder (*organic).

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About The Producer

True Story Foods
Fairfield, CA
Not long ago, farmers grew food to be flavorful and animals were raised with care. While we can't go back to the past, we can write a new chapter for a future with food we can all feel good about feeding our families. Our company is rooted in the true stories of ranchers who raise animals on farms; chefs who believe in using simple ingredients to craft honest food; and families striving to eat well. Pull up a chair and experience our true stories.Read more