True Gold Honey

Coastal Mountain Sage Honey

9 oz
Coastal Mountain Sage Honey

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True Gold Honey Coastal Mountain Sage offers an unadulterated taste of nature's sweetness. This 100% pure, raw, and unfiltered honey captures the essence of Coastal Mountain sage, delivering a subtle, refined flavor that stands out for its sweetness. Crafted from the nectar of the sage plant, this honey is resistant to crystallization and maintains its light, inviting color over time. Its gentle taste pairs beautifully with robust cheeses, adding a touch of sweetness that complements the savory notes. A spoonful in your morning coffee can transform your start to the day, while its versatility makes it a staple for any culinary occasion.

Ingredients: 100% pure raw unfiltered California honey

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True Gold Honey
Lindsay, CA
True Gold Honey is a California-based, family-owned raw honey company. Founded by mother-son duo Sarah and Tyler Sample in 2017, True Gold Honey offers a range of pure, golden honeys. Committed to sustainable beekeeping, their honey is harvested by hand to ensure it remains as natural and raw as possible, reflecting the quality and care passed down through four generations of beekeepers.Read more