Sidra Trabanco

Poma Áurea Sparkling Brut Cider

750 ml
$0.63 / fl oz
Poma Áurea Sparkling Brut Cider

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750 ml, 6.5% ABV.
With a golden-yellow hue and fine bubbles, Poma Áurea Sparkling Brut Cider is a perfect celebration cider. The nose is floral with notes of dried figs and raisins, and it's smooth and ultra-dry on the palate. Try it paired with charcuterie and cheese, or for toasting a special occasion.

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About The Producer

Sidra Trabanco
Asturias, Spain
Like most families from the Asturian countryside, the Trabancos have always made their own cider from their own apples, but in 1925 Emilio Trabanco decided to turn this household hobby into a family business. Trabanco cider quickly became known throughout the region as the premier natural cider from Asturias. Not much has changed since then: the Trabanco family is still using traditional methods, augmented with modern technologies, to produce exceptional Asturian ciders.Read more