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Rainbow Chocolate Tasting Pack

10.2 oz
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Rainbow Chocolate Tasting Pack

Product Details

10.2 oz

Bring some color and flavor to life with Tony's Chocolonely's Rainbow Chocolate Tasting Pack. It contains six of Tony's classic flavors in bright, vibrant packaging. The cocoa in each bar is sourced with extremely strict standards that aim to end slavery in the chocolate business, Tony's Chocolonely's ultimate mission. It is a lively gift for friends and family or to enjoy a variety of different flavors yourself.


MILK CHOCOLATE: sugar, dry whole milk, cocoa butter, chocolate liquor, soy lecithin.

MILK CHOCOLATE HAZELNUT: sugar, dry whole milk, cocoa butter, chocolate liquor, hazelnuts, soy lecithin.

MILK CHOCOLATE CARAMEL SEA SALT: sugar, dry whole milk, cocoa butter, chocolate liquor, caramel pieces (sugar, wheat syrup, cream (milk), butter (milk)), sea salt, soy lecithin.

MILK CHOCOLATE NOUGAT: sugar, dry whole milk, cocoa butter, chocolate liquor, nougat (cane sugar, wheat syrup, almonds, potato starch, honey, cocoa butter, egg whites), soy lecithin.

DARK CHOCOLATE ALMOND SEA SALT: chocolate liquor, sugar, almonds, cocoa butter, sea salt, soy lecithin.

DARK CHOCOLATE 70%: chocolate liquor, sugar, cocoa butter, cocoa powder, soy lecithin.

Contains: soy, milk, wheat, tree nuts, eggs.

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About The Producer

Tony's Chocolonely
Amsterdam, NL
We are crazy about chocolate and serious about people. That’s why in 2005 we set out on a mission to inspire a 100% slave-free chocolate industry. That’s why we set up long-term relationships with reliable and trustworthy cocoa farmers in Ghana and Ivory Coast. We know the farmers’ names, we know their cocoa. Buying direct is a key step towards 100% slave-free chocolate, and we never cut corners in sourcing Fair Trade ingredients for our bars.Read more