Tim Tam Tummy Kids Kombucha

Tim Tam Tummy Mango Kids Kombucha

4 count
Tim Tam Tummy Mango Kids Kombucha

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Four 222 mL cans

Mango For It! Kids Kombucha is a delightful and refreshing drink specially crafted for young taste buds. With a tasty tropical citrus flavor, it offers just the right amount of tang to put some pep in their step. Whether they're imagining adventures from dreams to the zoo to the moon, this kombucha is a flavorful companion for their journey.

Ingredients: Organic Kombucha, Organic Mango Juice From Concentrate, Organic Mango Flavoring, Organic Acerola Berry Powder, Bacillus Subtilis DE111® Probiotics

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Tim Tam Tummy Kids Kombucha
Middlebury, Vermont
Introducing Tim Tam Tummy, the world's first Kids Kombucha! Created by a group of parents, aunts, and uncles who believe that great days start with healthy ingredients, good vibes, and fun-filled flavors. Tim Tam Tummy is the only kids' sip that delivers a daily dose of live probiotics and superfruit Vitamin C, with less sugar and more function.Read more