Three Little Pigs

Traditional Cornichons Original

12.4 oz
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Traditional Cornichons Original

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12.4 oz jar

Three Little Pigs Original Cornichons are authentic French-style baby sour gherkins. These tiny, crisp delights are pickled in a blend of vinegar and spices, offering a perfect balance of sour and zest to any dish. Whether accompanying a charcuterie board, enhancing a sandwich, or simply enjoyed as a snack, these kosher-certified and gluten-free cornichons are a gourmet touch to everyday eating.

Ingredients: Cornichons, Water, Vinegar (non-GMO), Salt, Onions, Mustard seeds, Black Pepper, Coriander Seeds, Natural Flavour.

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Three Little Pigs
Brooklyn, NYC
Three Little Pigs produces artisanal pâté, charcuterie, and other French specialty products. The company has now expanded to a new on-trend category with the launch of their Sous-Vide Egg Bites and other sous-vide products.Read more