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Chicken Claypot

16 oz
Chicken Claypot

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This is one of a handful of dishes that The Slanted Door has served from the very first day and it’s still a customer favorite. Following Vietnamese tradition, bone-in pieces of chicken legs are braised in a rich caramel sauce with ginger, shallots, and a touch of Thai Chile to make it more flavorful. A dish filled with sweet, spicy, and savory notes, best served with freshly steamed rice.

Ingredients: mary's organic chicken legs, shallot, ginger, Thai chile, Claypot sauce (dark soy sauce, son's fish sauce, white sugar, lemon juice, distilled white vinegar)

Contains: fish, soy, wheat.

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The Slanted Door
San Francisco, CA
The Slanted Door is Executive Chef Charles Phan’s nationally-acclaimed Vietnamese restaurant that has long been known for using top-quality, organic, local ingredients including sustainable meat, poultry, and fish.Read more